Brazilian/Bikini Laser Hair Removal – FAQs

Is it safe? Is it painful?

Laser hair removal on the bikini area is safe with the right type of laser and in the hands of an experienced physician. Challenges in performing the procedure on this area include susceptibility to burns and pigmentation as it is usually darker in color, a warm snapping pain during the procedure, and maintaining a hygienic environment given that this is a relatively unclean area of the body.

At Refinity, we use a long pulsed Nd:YAG laser because of its superior safety profile and efficacy in permanent hair reduction for dark skin types. In addition, we use cryo cooling to prevent complications and minimize pain. Depending on your pain tolerance, other forms of anesthesia may be used. We use a beam type laser hand piece, rather than contact type (as in IPLs, Diodes), and laser plume evacuator, aside from other basic sanitary measures. We do not perform procedures if there are any signs of infection (folliculitis, warts and other STDs) or inflammation (eczemas/dermatitis), which is determined by our physician upon every visit.

How many sessions will it take? How long in between sessions?

Based on studies and our own experience, it takes about 4 to 6 sessions for 80-90% hair reduction. The remaining 10-20% of hair are finer, lighter, and grow at a much slower pace. Additional sessions may be done or a different type of laser may be used to remove the remaining hair. Interval between sessions is at least 4 weeks. This is to allow the next batch of hair follicles to enter the hair cycle susceptible to laser treatment.

How does laser hair removal work?

bulge stem cells
For hair removal to be permanent, sufficient heat must be generated to destroy the hair stem cells found at the lowermost part of the hair follicle. Photo:


hair cycle
At any given time, only about 20% of hair follicles are in growth phase or positioned in such a way that they are susceptible to the laser. This is why several sessions are needed. We will have to wait for the next batch of hair follicles to be in the growth phase.


Lasers work by targeting the melanin found in hair, heating it up to destroy the follicle. Melanin can also be found in our skin so the proper setting to heat up the melanin in hair and not the skin must be used. This is why it is easier and takes fewer sessions to remove dark thick hair against light-colored skin. The contrast allows us to use a stronger setting that can generate more heat in the fair follicle without burning your skin. Photo:


Any dos and don’ts before and after the procedure?

Do not shave or pluck the area a month before the procedure and in between sessions as the laser works by targeting the pigment from your growing hair. You will be using a gentle soap-free cleanser and anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial cream the following day and a week thereafter. Avoid exposing the area to light, heat, and friction for a few days to avoid further irritation.